KISMET KILL. A prom queen tries to find the party as life abruptly passes her by in this official music video for Haley Bonar. Starring Sydney Bonar. Concept and directing by Nicole Brending. Shot on location at the Guthrie Theater, 331 Club, and around Minneapolis/St. Paul. Premiered on NPR: First Watch and featured on the BT Music Playlist.

EMPATHY AROUSAL: A woman stuck behind a car door recounts her life before pain in this Beckett-esque meditation. Written, directed and starring Nicole Brending. Screened at Athens Film & Video Festival and Walker Art Center. Shot on location in Los Angeles.

DULUTH. A small town stripper tries to finish her shift dancing for the old men that patron the club after finding out that her grandfather died. Starring Marguerite French, Hank Watkins. Cinematography by Chris Teague. Written and Directed by Nicole Brending. Shot on location in Cloquet, MN at Sugar Daddy's.