I was commissioned by Periscope to create online marketing content for two of their bands: Haley Bonar and Pert Near Sandstone. From concept to execution, I produced, directed and edited two music videos and two album trailers designed to promote the release of each artists' music. 

"Kismet Kill" Music Video

Working closely with the artist, I created a concept for the video that captured the tension of the song: growing up too fast while also never growing up at all.  Haley's voice has a dreamlike quality, so when I was listening to the song, the story of this woman started to materialize in my head, in surreal, Alice-In-Wonderland-type imagery as she chases a memory and her life gets in the way. Haley and I are both David Lynch and John Waters fans, and she gave me permission to "get a little weird," so I tried to honor that sensibility with a tone that's both humorous and dark and imagery that's visually distinct.

The video premiered on NPR: First Watch and BBC 6 garnering over 100K in views.   It was also featured on the BT Music Playlist and broadcast on European television and Twin Cities PBS.  I wrote, directed, produced, art directed, and edited.

"Impossible Dream" Album Trailers

By tricking-out footage from the Kismet Kill music video, I edited two trailers for Haley's album "Impossible Dream" that were used to market the release on social media outlets and online stores such as iTunes. The 30 second trailer is also the backdrop for Haley's website. 

"Getaway" Music Video

This high-octane romp through low-fi special effects captures the humor and pace of the song and the songwriter. Pert Near Sandstone wanted something fun and wild, so I created a concept that captures the lead singer's goofy, rowdy nature, which is what fans love about the band, and also the thrill of driving fast and going on a wild ride. 

I created the concept, directed, produced, production designed, shot and edited this video, which was featured on The Bluegrass Situation.