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A woman stuck behind a car door meditates on her life before pain in this Beckett-esque portrait of a life stunted by delusion. Screened at the Walker Art Center, the Athens International Film & Video Festival, and Duluth-Superior Film Festival. 



SELFIED (2016)

A short film about the consequences of socially-sanctioned narcissism in the Age of Social Media, SELFIED won the prestigious Silver George at the 38th Moscow International Film Festival. Screenings included La Guarimba International Short Film Festival (Calabria, Italy), Paris Courts Devants (Paris, France), International Short Film Festival Cyprus (Limassol, Cyprus), Athens International Film & Video Festival (Athens, OH), New York Comedy Shorts (New York, NY), Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival (Minneapolis, MN), and the Arizona Underground Film Festival (Phoenix, AZ).



OUTTAKE (2011)

An actress tries to get a scene "just right" for a ruthless director. Screened at several underground film festivals, including the Sydney Underground and featured in their 10th Year Anniversary. Broadcast on Australia television.



DULUTH (2010)

A day-in-the-life of a stripper who tries to finish her shift dancing for the old men at the club after finding out that her grandfather died. Recipient of a Jerome Foundation Media Artist Grant. Winner of "Best Editing" and "Best Short Under 12 Minutes" at the Columbia University Film Festival in 2010. 




Shot in the historic Chelsea Hotel, a woman tries to uphold her fantasy that she and her ex-lover were once horses. Starring Lindsay Burdge and Jaron Farnham. Screened at various festivals. 



REBEL (2008)

A developmentally disabled man has his first sexual encounter while on a drug-seeking mission with his meth-addicted step brother. Screened internationally. Broadcast on Australian television as a part of XFilm.


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Two dolls must confront their feelings for each other after an unforgettable night of passion. Winner of a Student Emmy for Best Composition and several Best Short prizes. Screened at over 40 film festivals worldwide.  Distributed by Strand Releasing.